Monday, 5 August 2013

Sleek I-Divine Au naturel Palette Review and Eye Looks

I have been putting this review off for ages, but I finally decided to get it done the other day. I bought this in Spain. I was so excited to see the sleek stand alone though because, the republic of Ireland doesn't sell any sleek products unfortunately!I thought it looked like the perfect dupe for the UD Naked Palette. Before I tried the palette, I looked through reviews on this, many of them were negative, so honestly I was disappointed and wasn't expecting much from it!
But then when I used it properly, I was pleasantly surprised! Even though the light shadows may not be that well pigmented , the darker ones are brilliant. I admit that I did use an eye primer before putting them on as I knew they would show up better. There are 12 colours in the palette, ranging from light, metallic, shimmer and dark shadows. It cost 10 euros.

and now I want to show ye the swatches with and without eye primer.
The first pic is without eye primer and second pic is with eye primer!

The lighter shades are way more pigmented and I love the shimmers too! So I would definitely put on eye primer before applying the eye shadows! My favourite shades so far are, nougat, taupe, bark and mineral earth!
I did two eye looks one neutral brown and the second a smokey eye.

First I applied eye primer. I used nougat on the brow bone and the inner corner. Toast on the lid, and then blended bark and regal together on the crease to smoke it out a bit.
On the eyebrows I used bark, (which I am now using everyday for my brows!) with an angled brush.
Its a very soft neutral look. Great for everyday


Look 2
 Again I applied eye primer first on the lid,
Nougat on the brow bone and inner corner,
I use taupe and conker on the lid lightly and put conker on the crease, and ended off blending it all with noir on the crease and lid. I lined my lower lash line with noir to create that smokey look


  1. You have beautiful eyes! Lovely shades, conker looks like my type of colour :)

  2. Aw thank you! Yes love the shimmer in it! :)

  3. I need to jump on the sleek bandwagon until I can afford mac :) x