Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Today I want to show ye how I clean my brushes. In the past year, I have been shocking for cleaning them , I'd say I would have cleaned them every few months ... But then, after I cleaned them a week ago, the amount makeup that came out of them was crazy!! So now I'm really trying to wash them as often as possible! For a lot of people( including me) it's a such a chore, but it's something that should be done regularly!

 1.Your Makeup Brushes

2.Clarifying/Cleansing Shampoo
I think the cleansing shampoo's are the best, because they will make the brush bristles squeaky clean, and really strip the dirt in the bristles.

3.Cotton Buds
For those little bits you cant reach, I stick it into the brush and wipe out any small dirt.

Here the steps.
Step 1

Put hot water into your sink, squeeze your shampoo in and swirl your brush around in it.

I put my thumb into the bristles and ruffle around.

                                                                                                                                                                  I also squeeze the bristles out. This is where you see most of your makeup coming out

 As I said above, if I cant reach some bits with my fingers, I will a cotton bud in and swirl it around.

I will repeat all of the tree pictures above until I think it's fully clean.
Step 2

After that, I empty the sink, run the tap for cold water and press my brush against the sink under the water, to make sure its fully clean!

*I'd make sure I don't have the same dirty water for each brush!

Step 3

And finally when you've cleaned all of your brushes, I put a piece of tissue paper down , and stand/lay my brushes on top. I normally let them dry for the night, as I do my cleaning before I go to bed! It is to be fair satisfying in the end, to see the nice white bristles on them again!

*Also after you clean them, your hand are going to feel awful, so make sure to put on some hand cream after, to bring back the moisture!

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