Saturday, 24 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Finally the most hyped about lip balm by American beauty guru's have arrived on the shores of Ireland. They have been proved to give you literally baby smooth lips as well as a tint of colour. The range of 6 colours are now available in Ireland.
I was so excited myself to hear these were in Ireland at last. So of course I wanted to get one.
I looked in so many Boots, and they were all sold out! Finally I managed to grab one the other day. I was going to buy two others, but I decided to try one out just in case they didn't live up to my expectations. It cost 4.49 euros which is to be fair expensive for a small lip balm. I got the colour 'Peach Kiss'.  

  Honestly before trying it, I thought it wasn't going to be that good and moisturising, and one of those products that you have to buy kinda thing, but I was mistaken.
Firstly,I do think the packaging is fairly tacky and cheap feeling, almost like kids play lipstick. The smell of this is so so nice and does smell like peaches. After leaving this on my lips for a few hours, my lips were actually really soft!
I was very surprised, my lips didn't chap or the colour didn't dry into my lips, it was perfect! I have been reapplying ever since! It's a great every day lip balm. It wouldn't be that pigmented but I wasn't expecting a peach coloured lip balm to be! I can't believe I'm saying this but it's almost as good as my carmex!!
I will definitely be buying more of these, might get pink punch next time!
Was worth the 4.49 !
Go out and buy one, you wont regret it! 

  Sorry the swatch photo isn't the best, but really the colour is very sheer! ( And no my hand is not blue, the lighting is crap hehe :)

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