Monday, 24 June 2013

Small Dublin Haul

If any of ye read my previous post on Rihanna , I was in Dublin for the weekend. As you can see I bought only a small bit, but I thought I'd show ye anyways! :)

So the first thing I got was this white lace material vest top! It was a bit of a spur of the moment buy! Thing is I never ever have bought anything in topshop for full price, so I was debating whether to get this or not for 24 euros. But I just bought it in the end as it will go with so many outfits and you can wear it in both winter and summer! 

In Hollister, I bought the 'Malibu Beach' body and hand cream. This smells so amazing, as do all the other hollister scents. There's a kinda peachy scent to it! It makes my hands feel really soft and smell great! This was 14 euros

Now for the No7 Extreme Length Mascara. I had been putting off buying this for ages, as there was still a small left in mini tube which was 2 years out of date... which is a crime in the beauty world!! The name of the mascara says it all , as it really does give your lashes a great length. Love the packaging! Only thing is when I came home I realised I bought this in brown/black, which I was so so annoyed about!! But now that I try it, theres not much difference thank god! This cost 16 euros

And finally the real techniques blush brush. First of all I just want to say at how soft this is!! Omg I have been feeling  it so much hahaha! I've wanted this for ages and I'm glad I bought it, as it applies bronzer and blush really well!Unfortunately the boots in dundrum were out of the expert face brush!

Hope you enjoyed this post !

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rihanna Concert

Hey guys!
Before I talk about the rihanna concert, I just wanted to say , I re designed my blog! I love my main title design :D but also I'm so sad to hear that the google friend connect is going so I wont get to see my members anymore :( but follow me on bloglovin please !

Anyways back to biz
On Friday 21st June , Rihanna played in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin!
Myself and couple of friends went up to see her. I had heard a lot of bad things from previous concerts such as her not singing well live and turning up 2 hours late!
But omg guys I was mistaken. She was AMAZING. She turned up on time, and sang so well it was crazy. Literally rihanna is the most gorgeous woman I've seen ever, so so pretty! and her hair is unreal
To make things even better we were 3 rows from the barrier of the early entry section, so we had a pretty good view of her. She most of her songs from her unapologetic album and her well known songs! Out of all the songs, I honestly thought 'We Found Love' was the best and most memorable one! It got everyone dancing and such a great atmosphere!
Without a doubt it has been the best concert I've been to so far, and well worth the 70 euros I paid for it!

Now for my outfit,hair and makeup of the night!
Well for my hair, I curled my hair the day before, to give my hair a looser curl look, and on my fringe I did a french plait.
Unfortunately I didn't get a close up of my makeup or eye makeup. But I used benefits that gal primer as a base. for my foundation I did a mixture of my Revlon colour stay, rimmel 25 hour and benefits some kind a gorgeous, its sounds a lot but it actually came out nice and not too cakey. Concealer was collection 2000, bronzer was benefits hoola. My eyes were more subtle as I wanted the lips to stand out more. My eyes were bronzy smokey look, using the rimmel brown quad and a eyeliner marker 'super cat' by soap and glory.
Mascara was no.7 extreme length and maybelline the falsies.
Unfortunately I cant remember the name of the lipstick I wore as, my friend let me use it, but as you can see it was a bright deep pink!

I wore this gorgeous purple designed crop top, a deep blue skater skirt and my vans!
I was so glad I wore my vans, as we were standing during the concert and my feet would have got crushed!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will a small haul post up tomorrow! And please follow me on bloglovin

Thanks guys :) x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Maybelline BB Cream Review

I bought this last year, seeing as everyone was going on about it!
I usually wore it during half days in school or just days when I wanted really light coverage.
If you read my previous post on travel bag essentials, I brought this also on holiday.
It cost 8 euros I think?
Honestly I wasn't mad about this. This product is a kinda love-hate one.
When I put it on first it, it makes my skin kinda red, after 15 mins it kinda settles down and it looks nice.
The coverage is very very light. I only wore this when I didn't have many spots, as it didn't hide my spots at all! I have the light colour and I actually find it still too orange for my face! 
As it says it has SPF 30 in it, I would give that it doesn't give you a shiny look on your face.
After wearing it for 4 or 5 hours, it oxidises into orange and it looks patchy on my face. Literally if you touch it a small bit, it will come off. 
Need to get a new BB cream, maybe the garnier or rimmel one!
This BB cream only really works for 2 hours or so
But overall would definitely not buy this BB creme again!

Here are the with and without BB cream photos, (sorry the photos are awful!!)

My Beauty and Skin Travel Bag Essentials

As I was travelling recently, I decided to show ye what I put in my travel bag !This bag is mainly aimed at a sun holiday or a summer holiday!


  • BB Cream- Its lightweight , especially good for really hot weather and has SPF
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Bronzer- If your going on a sun holiday, I would just recommend you to bring this as its a nice sun-kissed look when your away, and if you brought blush and you got sunburned underneath, it would only make it look worse!
  • Contour Brush
  • Concealer- Just for the plane and during the day, I would use this on my under-eye and blemishes, to give an natural awake look!

Skin and Hair

  • Water Spray- Instead of going out to buy a makeup setter or skin refresher, I just bought a spray bottle in boots for 2 euros and filled it with water. You feel so so refreshed after spraying it on your face. I would put this into my handbag for carry on luggage, as it is under 100ml and in a plastic bag! 
  • Deodorant
  • Hand Sanitiser- For keeping your hands clean and fresh, especially in airports, where theres so much bacteria! Again as its under 100ml and in a plastic bag, I would have this in my handbag
  • Cleanser
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Moisturiser
  • Shampoo
  • Sun Cream- Really really important, I know this is only spf15 but the higher the better, but anything to protect your skin from getting burnt. And believe me sun burn hurts like a bitch!

Pantene Shampoo Review

I picked up this in penneys as a travel size for the holidays, it cost 1.50. I really didn't think much of it at the start. Seeing as my hair gets greasy easily, I was afraid it was going to make it worse. Completely different more like! This was amazing! It gave my hair such a lightweight feel, and made it so shiny and soft! The colour in my hair also looked more radiant! The shampoo itself smelt really good too, which was a bonus! It left my hair like this for 3 days which was brilliant!  I had never tryed any pantene hair care, but I certainly will be buying this shampoo in full size next time! Also is there a conditioner in this range too? I'd buy that too! Great overall shampoo, a hidden gem :)

Holiday Buys

Hello :) Long time no post I know... last week I was on holidays, and I was also finishing up my exams, so sorry about that!
So while I was in Spain I picked up a few things. I bought a fair amount of my items in local markets, where I got them for a very good price haha!
I really enjoyed spain, it was so warm and sunny, compared to what its like here in Ireland! We went to the south! Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive towards sun creams and I reacted a lot, my face was very red, dry and I was breaking out , but eventually I used Piz Buin allergy cream and it calmed down a bit, thank god!
Anyways this is what I bought ... 

As you can see in the picture at the top I love the owl theme, so I got this long necklace in a market for 5 euros! I love the colours in the jewels and it will go lovely with tops and dresses!
I also bought the keyring in a shop which I do not know the name of, but I think this is way too cute haha, and it was 3 euros 

Now just to start off these are fake! I bought them again in a market, for only 12 euros! I thought it was hilarious because they look exactly the same as the real ones! They haven't broken yet, and they sound grand! It was so funny to haggle with all the sales people over there!

Again these are fake, but they look ridiculously alike to the real ones!! I absolutely love wearing sunglasses ( I have way too many of them) and I especially have started loving the rayban ones. I love the bright blue, and it will go with most outfits! I only paid 2 euros for these, and got them in a market. There were so many colours at the stand!

We went to malaga on the last day and I went to this kinda department store, I guess called p
I got so excited when I saw the NYX stand and the Sleek stand omg, as there not in Ireland. I was going to buy the NYX lipstick creme in colour Istanbul, but the one that was left was only the tester! So instead I bought the sleek i-desire au natural eye shadow palette! I love love the packaging to this, all the colours inside are neutral colours, it looks very alike to the Naked Palette. I will do a review on this shortly. This cost 10 euros. I was really disappointed the sleek contour kit wasn't there though! I would have loved to have got it!

Hope ye enjoyed this post :)