Monday, 10 June 2013

Holiday Buys

Hello :) Long time no post I know... last week I was on holidays, and I was also finishing up my exams, so sorry about that!
So while I was in Spain I picked up a few things. I bought a fair amount of my items in local markets, where I got them for a very good price haha!
I really enjoyed spain, it was so warm and sunny, compared to what its like here in Ireland! We went to the south! Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive towards sun creams and I reacted a lot, my face was very red, dry and I was breaking out , but eventually I used Piz Buin allergy cream and it calmed down a bit, thank god!
Anyways this is what I bought ... 

As you can see in the picture at the top I love the owl theme, so I got this long necklace in a market for 5 euros! I love the colours in the jewels and it will go lovely with tops and dresses!
I also bought the keyring in a shop which I do not know the name of, but I think this is way too cute haha, and it was 3 euros 

Now just to start off these are fake! I bought them again in a market, for only 12 euros! I thought it was hilarious because they look exactly the same as the real ones! They haven't broken yet, and they sound grand! It was so funny to haggle with all the sales people over there!

Again these are fake, but they look ridiculously alike to the real ones!! I absolutely love wearing sunglasses ( I have way too many of them) and I especially have started loving the rayban ones. I love the bright blue, and it will go with most outfits! I only paid 2 euros for these, and got them in a market. There were so many colours at the stand!

We went to malaga on the last day and I went to this kinda department store, I guess called p
I got so excited when I saw the NYX stand and the Sleek stand omg, as there not in Ireland. I was going to buy the NYX lipstick creme in colour Istanbul, but the one that was left was only the tester! So instead I bought the sleek i-desire au natural eye shadow palette! I love love the packaging to this, all the colours inside are neutral colours, it looks very alike to the Naked Palette. I will do a review on this shortly. This cost 10 euros. I was really disappointed the sleek contour kit wasn't there though! I would have loved to have got it!

Hope ye enjoyed this post :) 

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