Saturday, 26 October 2013

October Wishlist

Oh how badly I want all these things :o

1. Wine Vans
I already own pair of vans and they are the comfiest things ever, want this pair,just to change things up a bit! The colour would go with a lot, and I love the black lace combination !

2.RT Expert Face Brush
I think I might just be the only beauty blogger that still doesn't have this ! I have heard such good things, need need to buy!!

3.Topshop 'Inhibition' Lipstick
Such a gorgeous colour, I don't own any deep coloured lipsticks,  nice autumn/winter colour

4.Bourjois Bronzing Primer
I know this is more of a summer buy, but I still love that 'glowy tan' face effect! Want to try this out for a change from the usual powder formula!

5.'Girl About Town' Mac Lipstick
I have been loving this lippie for months, its such a nice pink colour, love love love!

6.Topshop 'Joni' Jeans Polka Dot and Dark Wash Grey
I want to really change up my jeans colours, and all the topshop jeans are tdf! But I especially love these ones. Apparently there meant to be really comfy!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer Review

I have had this concealer for nearly a year at this stage and had used it at most once or twice, but now my collection 2000 concealer has ran out, and I haven't had time to go out and get a new one, I found this again and love it so much!

I have never tried the actual healthy mix foundation but I think I might be converted after using this!
I'm getting really bad breakouts atm (which is extremely annoying) and I have dotted the concealer on the spots and blended with a brush. It covers them really well and is a thick formula.
At first when I saw the consistency was yellow toned I was kinda freaking out, but with good blending, it goes perfect! 
I also put this under my eyes, which is extremely refreshing and gets rid of any dark circles.
As this is a thick formula, it's actually very moisturising, which helps my dry under eye area!
As ye know I'm all about the scent, the smell of this so fruity and sweet! Apparently it is made with fruits??I also love that it is very hygienic, in the way you just squeeze it onto your finger insted of just putting it on straight with a wand (yes I'm a culprit!) But it does the job for me, and I think I may get this concealer instead of the collection 2000! YES its that good!

Monday, 7 October 2013

September Favourites

Hello all! Not as many favourites last month, as I was just using my usuals, but here are some newer products I was using! :)

1.Soap and Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
This is my little mini tub of it! So lovely to put on after the shower, really nice and moisturising, although I hate waiting for body moisturisers to dry, the smell makes it better! Its that usual sweet soap and glory smell! My clothes always smell gorgeous after this! Definitely getting the bigger tub !

2.Rimmel's 60 second Nail Varnish 'I Lilac it'
Not much of an autumny colour, but its just so pretty anyways! You may think it will turn out a purple colour, but it actually comes out a light barbie pink colour. It does what it says on the tin.

3.Hollister Hand Cream 'Malibu Beach'
Picked this up a couple of months ago, but used a lot of it in September! To be fair I wouldn't say this is the most moisturising hand cream, but the smell just tops it off! A really nice subtle smell, and good for putting on before bed! 

4.Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matt Lipstick 111
This a true red colour. Nice fruity smell off it (I'm all about the scent ;) ) I have never really dared to wear a bold colour on the lips, but I tried and I loved! Good coverage, doesn't dry out your lips and long wearing!

5.Essence Eyeshadow Base
Because I cant afford the UD primer potion, I decided to look for a cheaper alternative. This so so good! Put this on for a party, and my eyeshadow lasted all night and didn't crease.This also brings out the less pigmented shadows a lot more too. A hidden gem!

6.Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 02 'Peach'
I haven't been the biggest wearer of blush in the past few months, I have had this for ages. It is a cream blush! I have found my love again for it, it applies really smoothly and gives a nice healthy glow to the face. Also goes well with bronzer!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion Makeup Review

This tan is said to give 'smooth on leg makeup staying fresh and natural looking all day. Cover freckles, veins and imperfections. This light weight formula is water and transfer resistant'.
It cost 18 euros and I got it in the colour Medium.

Now all along I have been a complete lover of the spray version of this, so for a change I picked the lotion version up to see what it was like. As I said above it cost me 18 euros, which is really expensive for a high street tan!! I like the packaging, just like the spray can.

I applied this to my legs and body( I know I used it other places than my legs!) with a tanning mitt.
First of all the consistency of this is SO thick! It is literally like foundation for you're legs. So really you only need a tiny bit when squeezing out! When I put this on, if felt really heavy, and I must say didn't like that feeling at all, and to be honest my clothes did get a bit stained after this, which was really disappointing. (so much for transfer resistant and light weight formula!!)

You really need to scrub this tan in to avoid patches and streaks, as once you put this on, it can dry in really fast, so you need to scrub fast!!
I find the medium colour too orange and not natural looking at all, and I especially found it with this lotion!

The next morning, it was all patchy, and my bed sheets were all stained too, which I did expect as it's an instant tan, but still really disappointed with the whole 'transfer resistant' thing!

Really I've only used this lotion three times going out, but each time I have been disappointed with it. In future I will stick to the spray and a different more natural colour!
I don't know maybe I need to give it another few go's but this product is a definite thumbs down for me!
 Oh and also sorry I don't have my own picture up there, my cameras being a bit bold so I had to pick one off google images!