Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion Makeup Review

This tan is said to give 'smooth on leg makeup staying fresh and natural looking all day. Cover freckles, veins and imperfections. This light weight formula is water and transfer resistant'.
It cost 18 euros and I got it in the colour Medium.

Now all along I have been a complete lover of the spray version of this, so for a change I picked the lotion version up to see what it was like. As I said above it cost me 18 euros, which is really expensive for a high street tan!! I like the packaging, just like the spray can.

I applied this to my legs and body( I know I used it other places than my legs!) with a tanning mitt.
First of all the consistency of this is SO thick! It is literally like foundation for you're legs. So really you only need a tiny bit when squeezing out! When I put this on, if felt really heavy, and I must say didn't like that feeling at all, and to be honest my clothes did get a bit stained after this, which was really disappointing. (so much for transfer resistant and light weight formula!!)

You really need to scrub this tan in to avoid patches and streaks, as once you put this on, it can dry in really fast, so you need to scrub fast!!
I find the medium colour too orange and not natural looking at all, and I especially found it with this lotion!

The next morning, it was all patchy, and my bed sheets were all stained too, which I did expect as it's an instant tan, but still really disappointed with the whole 'transfer resistant' thing!

Really I've only used this lotion three times going out, but each time I have been disappointed with it. In future I will stick to the spray and a different more natural colour!
I don't know maybe I need to give it another few go's but this product is a definite thumbs down for me!
 Oh and also sorry I don't have my own picture up there, my cameras being a bit bold so I had to pick one off google images!

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