Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Favourites

How is the first month of 2014 almost over, it went so quickly! And for a change I have new things in my favourites haha! My aim for favourites each month, is to put the posts up BEFORE the month ends, as unorganised me always leaves it to the middle of the next month...
These are my favourites

RT Expert Face Brush
Last year I had been debating over getting this brush, but my beauty guru of a brother(jokes) decided to get it for me for christmas... This brush is so worth the raves ! It makes my foundation look so flawess, its amazing! Read my full review here

John Freida Tone Correcting Shampoo
Because having blonde hair is such an expensive upkeep, I had heard of purple shampoos and that they tone down brassiness. This shampoo is a very mild purple shampoo, so it subtly gets rid of my brassiness and kind of masks my roots in a way? I've really noticed a difference though! I will be doing a proper review soon

Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
I think my quest for the perfect eye makeup remover is over! This is so perfect for taking off my eye makeup, it doesn't leave my eyes red and sore, and takes off eye makeup  really well! It also has a refreshing smell to it. Anyone with sensitive eyes, USE THIS!

Kate Moss 107 Lipstick
As a fellow Zoella fan, she wears this deep red lipstick all the time, so of course I had to buy it! I love the colour, and is actually really wearable compared to my classic red 110 lipstick.

Lush 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub
I don't think I've bought anything in Lush in years, so the other day as I was invited in by all the smells, I came across this lip scrub. My lips have always been very dry, and this has solved it! First of all the smell. Guys it smells of caramel and all that good stuff, I would actually eat it I could haha! But this leaves my lips soft and smelling of caramel!

Johnsons Extra Sensitive Makeup Wipes
I never ever used makeup wipes to take off my makeup, because off all the bad things I heard about them. Recently though I thought I'd be a bit bold some nights, and be lazy by taking off my makeup with these! I thought my face was going to react but it didn't! I was pleasently surprised,
Takes off makeup well!

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 20 January 2014

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

Hello ! Recently my friends kindly bought me the MAC Girl About Town Lipstick for my birthday. It was such a good Monday! I've been lusting over this for months but have always been debating over the price etc.
Here finally I'm able to review a MAC product :))
This lipstick is the amplified creme lipstick, so it is quite sheer, and very moisturising. My lips are normally very dry, but they didn't dry once this lipstick was on!
It is a fuchsia colour with blue undertones. I have been trying to find the perfect deep pink lipstick and this is definitely the one!
As all MAC lipsticks are, it is very pigmented. Love the sleek packaging, although there will always be one con.. the price (as expected)
All MAC lipsticks are 20 euros each which is fairly pricey for a lipstick, but I honestly think it is well worth it, especially if you're going to make good wear out of it and the quality is very good too! 
I love how I can put this on lightly for the day and build it up for the night, so it is a very wearable lipstick
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Beauty Favourites Of 2013

Happy New Year Everyone ! Welcome to my first post of 2014, its so weird to say it? The year has flown, and I have tried a lot of products through out the year, but I have found these to be absolute favourites!

My skin has changed a lot this year ! During the summer it was very oily and now at the moment its quite dry, but I've also suffered from those annoying sore spots too, and I have found the Simple Cleanser really good to take off my makeup and dirt on my face, leaving my face really fresh feeling! I don't really exfoliate every week, but when I do, 
the St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish Fighting did the job! Although the exfoliants in this feel harsh on the face, it definitely removes all the bumps and dead skin cells on my face, and left my skin feeling so soft after!
And Finally, for those annoying spots, the well known Sudocrem came to the rescue, I use this every night on any blemishes, and it instantly drys out the blemish

Makeup Brushes
The famous real techniques brushes, really did it for me this year, and were really worth all the hype! I own the Blush Brush, Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush, which all left me with great results when applying my makeup. I would honestly think these are almost like dupes for any high end makeup brushes ! Read my full review on the RT Brushes here

The Revlon Colorstay will always be a winner to me ! I own the Normal/Dry Skin Formula, and I've been repurchasing this for almost 2 years now, and I am always so impressed with it. Great coverage, and a lovely light feel to it, although its 18 euros, its well worth it!
The Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer was a find for me back in October, when my Collection 2000 concealer had ran out! This is great for undereye circles, and really wakens them up!
I love my bronzer, and Hoola by Benefit has been my no.1 bronzer for the last couple of years, a nice natural bronze colour and gives a lovely glow to the face aswell as a good chiseled contour

On an everyday basis, I would only use mascara, but for going out etc. these products have been brilliant!
Sleek I-Divine Palette Au Natural, a lovely range of bronzy colours, I use the brown colour everyday for my eyebrows, very well pigmented shadows to, read the full review here
I have always been so bad at doing liquid eyeliner, but the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner, has made it so much easier, it's almost like a marker! 
The No7 Extreme Length and the(very faded) Maybelline Falsies Mascara have been my two everyday mascaras this year! They leave my lashes really long aswell as volumised!

Finally for lips, I wasn't really to adventurous with bold lips this year, but I really do want to venture out to them this year! I had stuck to good ole lipbalm, Carmex! My lips usually get very chapped and dry, but leaves my lips soft and moisturised and love the tingly feeling it leaves on your lips!

And thats it !
Hope you enjoyed this post, and once again Happy New Year! Thank you for reading my blog for the past year, and I hope you enjoy my future posts
Thanks :D
Denise x