Monday, 27 May 2013

My Skin Care Routine

Hello :D
Hope you're all doing well. Today I'm gonna show ye my skin care routine!
Now my skin type is Dry/Normal Skin. It has changed a lot this year, it used to be very oily but it decided to change dramatically for some reason this year! As you can see already the majority of my skin routine is 'Simple' products, simply because they're really cheap and good ;) You might have noticed there is no toner or exfoliator included here, well basically I felt that my toner didnt do much for my skin and left it red and irritated.And the exfoliator I had always used but, after a while my skin got dry and flakey really quickly after doing so (I used St.Ives blemish fighting exfoliator) and that was probably one of the main reasons my skin turned into the dry type! I feel after doing this routine for a number of months, my skin has cleared up a lot! So heres my skin care routine :)

1.Remove Eye Makeup

My eyes are really sensitive so I love this remover (Simple Eye Makeup Remover) its very gentle on the eyelid and lashes. I pour some of this onto a cotton pad leave it on the eyelid for 5 seconds and bring it down the eye gently so it scoops of the main eye makeup. For the remainder of the eye makeup I go under the lashes with a cotton bud making sure its all gone.


It's so important to take your face makeup off at the end of the day, to get rid of any bacteria that has gotten on your skin, and to let your skin breath.I use this simple cleanser. I squirt this onto my hand and massage it onto my face, afterwards I get my cotton pads put some cold water on them, and clear off the cleanser, doing it in circular motions.

*As a toner I just use cold water on a cotton pad 


To get the glow and radiance back into my skin, I use the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream.
For my dry skin its so important to moisturise. The Jojoba Oil helps my skin balance the oils.
This smells so fresh too.For oily skin, this would be far too thick, I would recommend you using (Simple Light Moisturiser)  With my fingers, I massage this into the five points of my skin, forehead,cheeks, nose,chin and neck. I especially focus on my forehead and neck where its at its driest 

4.Spot Treatment

Sudocream is well known for getting rid of spots, it dries them out and they're less red in the morning. While my moisturiser is still on my face, I will put a small dot of this on the odd few spots I may have. Seriously anyone who doesn't have this go and get it, its a lifesaver :O

5.Eye Drops

Sorry I don't have a picture here, but you'll see it in the main pic above.I wear glasses , and as I said earlier I have really sensitive eyes and they get really itchy and red at times. So I like to use the optrex eye drops. I drop two drops into each of my eyes, I don't do this every night but I would do it often enough!

6.Eye Cream

Under my eyes get quite dry, so I use this Simple Eye balm. I dot this under my eyes and prod it onto the eyes. I think it feels really nice, especially if your eyes are very sore! Even though I'm still a teenager, this will prevent any wrinkling in the future years to come, this should be part of everyones routine!


Finally onto my lips, I literally cant go to sleep without moisturising my lips it just doesn't feel right. I use Carmex lip balm. Its well known, and such a beauty staple of mine, always using it!
I love the tingling feel it leaves after I put it on!

And that is it guys! I probably should of said at the start, that I only do this routine once a day! I know you're meant to be doing it twice a day, but I find my skin feel very tight after doing it all..
anyhoo, hope you enjoyed it :) 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Holiday Haul!

Hello :) I did a bit of shopping on Friday! I'm going on holidays there in 2 weeks so I need to stock up on a few stuff!
 Btw, I'm sorry if the photography isn't the best I've had to use my brothers camera as my own has kinda broke :(

I got this gorgeous tankini in penneys for 13 euros , I'm in love with the design!
Needed new sun glasses ,ray bans black look a like another purchase from penneys,  I've wanted these type for ages!Got them for only 1.50 So excited to wear them!

My only beauty buys were Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 111- Kiss of Life and Dove self gradual tanner.

 Probably should have done a more pigmented swatch of it, but it is really red, wow! Is it just me or does the lipstick smell really good!? got it for 6.99 ! I honestly think this a dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo!

 Always use this tan, its a really nice build up one , with a lovely bronze tone off it and not orangey! Its easy to blend and has a really nice smell off it too! 3.00 euros

Just some basic t-shirts, for casual wear! The dark one is from h&m and the white one is from penneys! I love the design on both of them! 

For me, I was really unsure weather to buy it or not, but I did! There are small stars all over and there not your usual tight short shorts but actually kinda loose! I really like them , as they are light weight also, and can be worn with vans or glad sandles !  Again penneys 10.00 euros

Yes another skull top haha, this is a kinda muscle vest top! It has studs on the shoulder, and the colours on this are gorgeous! And finally my sandles which were bought in ( guess..) yes penneys/primark for 10.00 euros ! These will be so nice to bring on holidays, they wont take up a lot of space, and they are really comfy too! The beaded bit in the middle is really summery, these sandles will go with a lot!

Well there were my purchases, hope you enjoyed :D 
No doubt I will probably pick up more stuff soon hehe ;)

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Friday, 10 May 2013

T-shirt Revamp

I was in topshop recently, browsing through the sales and picked a muscle vest top for 20 euros, I tried it on but just felt it wasn't worth the money! 
Last Wednesday I was the YSI (Young Social Innovators) Showcase 2013 ( a competition for raising awareness about problems around Ireland) 
There were different stands, and EVERYONE were getting these free black t-shirts! The stand was called ! In order to get the t-shirt you had to like their facebook page.

Because I was bored this evening I decided to jazz the basic t-shirt up to a muscle vest top!I actually really like the design on the top.
Sorry I don't have any steps or anything , but I just said I'd put it up! Basically I cut off the collar and the sleeves with a fabric scissors. After I pulled the arms of the top down, to create the longer 'sleeve' effect.
Again a complete cheaper alternative to the 20 euro one in topshop! :)

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Non Slip DIY Clothes Hanger

So recently, I've been getting so annoyed with my clothes falling off hangers, I tried buying the fabric hangers but they're fairly expensive. I was messing around with old t-shirts and thought of using scraps from the t-shirt and wrap around a basic metal hanger and low and behold it worked! So this is what I'm gonna show ye today!

1.An Old T-Shirt
2.A clothes hanger
3.Fabric Scissors or a good quality one
Step 1.
  • Cut half an inch long strips of the t-shirt
  • Make sure they're long to cover a decent amount of the hanger
  • Cut as many strips as you want
  • Don't make them too thin

Step 2

  • Wrap the strips around the hanger

  • This is what half of it look like after wrapping continuously
  • To secure the end, wrap it with a small bit of sellotape!
Step 4
  • Its basically a repeat of step 3 until you get to the end of the hanger and again secure stray ends with sellotape
  • Your end piece should look like this :)

  • I'm so happy I found out this cheap and easy way of not having your clothes slip off the hangers all the time! 

    Hope you enjoyed :D