Friday, 10 May 2013

T-shirt Revamp

I was in topshop recently, browsing through the sales and picked a muscle vest top for 20 euros, I tried it on but just felt it wasn't worth the money! 
Last Wednesday I was the YSI (Young Social Innovators) Showcase 2013 ( a competition for raising awareness about problems around Ireland) 
There were different stands, and EVERYONE were getting these free black t-shirts! The stand was called ! In order to get the t-shirt you had to like their facebook page.

Because I was bored this evening I decided to jazz the basic t-shirt up to a muscle vest top!I actually really like the design on the top.
Sorry I don't have any steps or anything , but I just said I'd put it up! Basically I cut off the collar and the sleeves with a fabric scissors. After I pulled the arms of the top down, to create the longer 'sleeve' effect.
Again a complete cheaper alternative to the 20 euro one in topshop! :)

Like the facebook page please guys :)

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