Monday, 26 August 2013

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover Review

I had run of eye makeup remover,I have never found a good one and I just picked this up thinking it would be great for my sensitive eyes. 
It cost me 3.00 euros. Little did I know it had two layers, an oil and an aqueous. According to this the "oil phase effectively removes waterproof mascara, eye makeup, specially formulated and tested for the sensitive eye area"."the aqueous phase protects and cares for the eye lashes with it's caring formula, without leaving an oil residue". Now I have always got on great with nivea products, but no way with this one.

What I look for in an eye makeup remover is to make your eyes feel refreshed and soothed, this remover gave me the complete opposite! It says on the bottle to shake it up to make sure the two phases get mixed. I shook so hard and yet within seconds it went back to its normal two layers. So everytime I squeezed this onto a face pad, it was literally oil. I know that oil based eye makeup removers are meant to be very good, and I will give that my eye shadow came off very quickly and easy but my mascara was a different story! I really had to scrub at my eye to get it off, therefore after my eye was red and irritated and felt all yocky oily. It feels awful on my eyes when I put it onto the pad, as the oil dries in very quickly so you have to squeeze tons of it on! Then I noticed the next morning all above my eyebrow, the bridge of my nose and temples of my forehead were covered in spots, and I would blame it on the oil of this remover!
As I quoted the back of the bottle above, it literally gives you the complete opposite.
Anyone with sensitive eyes, AVOID this remover!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Finally the most hyped about lip balm by American beauty guru's have arrived on the shores of Ireland. They have been proved to give you literally baby smooth lips as well as a tint of colour. The range of 6 colours are now available in Ireland.
I was so excited myself to hear these were in Ireland at last. So of course I wanted to get one.
I looked in so many Boots, and they were all sold out! Finally I managed to grab one the other day. I was going to buy two others, but I decided to try one out just in case they didn't live up to my expectations. It cost 4.49 euros which is to be fair expensive for a small lip balm. I got the colour 'Peach Kiss'.  

  Honestly before trying it, I thought it wasn't going to be that good and moisturising, and one of those products that you have to buy kinda thing, but I was mistaken.
Firstly,I do think the packaging is fairly tacky and cheap feeling, almost like kids play lipstick. The smell of this is so so nice and does smell like peaches. After leaving this on my lips for a few hours, my lips were actually really soft!
I was very surprised, my lips didn't chap or the colour didn't dry into my lips, it was perfect! I have been reapplying ever since! It's a great every day lip balm. It wouldn't be that pigmented but I wasn't expecting a peach coloured lip balm to be! I can't believe I'm saying this but it's almost as good as my carmex!!
I will definitely be buying more of these, might get pink punch next time!
Was worth the 4.49 !
Go out and buy one, you wont regret it! 

  Sorry the swatch photo isn't the best, but really the colour is very sheer! ( And no my hand is not blue, the lighting is crap hehe :)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Today I want to show ye how I clean my brushes. In the past year, I have been shocking for cleaning them , I'd say I would have cleaned them every few months ... But then, after I cleaned them a week ago, the amount makeup that came out of them was crazy!! So now I'm really trying to wash them as often as possible! For a lot of people( including me) it's a such a chore, but it's something that should be done regularly!

 1.Your Makeup Brushes

2.Clarifying/Cleansing Shampoo
I think the cleansing shampoo's are the best, because they will make the brush bristles squeaky clean, and really strip the dirt in the bristles.

3.Cotton Buds
For those little bits you cant reach, I stick it into the brush and wipe out any small dirt.

Here the steps.
Step 1

Put hot water into your sink, squeeze your shampoo in and swirl your brush around in it.

I put my thumb into the bristles and ruffle around.

                                                                                                                                                                  I also squeeze the bristles out. This is where you see most of your makeup coming out

 As I said above, if I cant reach some bits with my fingers, I will a cotton bud in and swirl it around.

I will repeat all of the tree pictures above until I think it's fully clean.
Step 2

After that, I empty the sink, run the tap for cold water and press my brush against the sink under the water, to make sure its fully clean!

*I'd make sure I don't have the same dirty water for each brush!

Step 3

And finally when you've cleaned all of your brushes, I put a piece of tissue paper down , and stand/lay my brushes on top. I normally let them dry for the night, as I do my cleaning before I go to bed! It is to be fair satisfying in the end, to see the nice white bristles on them again!

*Also after you clean them, your hand are going to feel awful, so make sure to put on some hand cream after, to bring back the moisture!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Liebster Award

The other day I was nominated by the lovely for a Liebster award!
It really made my day! This award connects bloggers with less than 200 followers and lets them gain followers aswell as get their blog out there. I had seen so many blogs with the  liebster award badge, and now I am very proud to have my own ! 
There isn't a lot of info about the background of the award itself, but Liebster is German for “beloved” and a blog nominated for this award is “worth watching”.

The rules: 
  1. You have to answer the 10 questions that your nominator gave you 
  2. You then have to nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers and link them in the post 
  3. Come up with 10 new questions for the nominees to answer 
  4.  inform the nominees so they can do their responses 
These are my answers from the questions my nominator gave me:
  1. If you could live in a city of your choice, where would that be?- Without a doubt Los Angeles. It's such a pretty city.
  2. If you had to choose one song to listen to on replay, for a month, what would it be?- This is a hard one.. I'd say Charlie Brown-Coldplay.
  3. What inspired you to start blogging, and who's your favourite blogger?- I love reading all the different beauty and fashion blogs, and I just felt I'd love to try to the same as them and post my opinions on beauty. My favourite blogger would probably be The Imperfect Beauty 
  4. Long hair or short hair?- Long hair!
  5. You're the only person left alive on Earth, what do you do?- hmm, if I could drive a plane I would travel the world for free! 
  6. Do you have a lifelong dream that you have already accomplished?- No not yet!
  7. If you won $1000, what would be the first thing you buy? either an Iphone or an SLR camera
  8. What are your travel make up essentials?- suncream, BB cream, bronzer, 
  9. One book you would read over and over?- Got this off my cousin years ago, a silly chicklit it's called Lillys Holiday
  10. If you had the chance, which blogger/celebrity would you meet up with?- For a celeb Lauren Conrad, and a blogger , Zoella!
 Now here are my 10 nominees:

  1. Blushful Beauty
  2. The Nail Affair
  3. TotalMakeUpAddict
  5. NFP
  7. At The Beauty Desk
  8. the Powder Room
    Ok nominees here are my 10 questions for ye!
  1. Who inspired you to start a blog?
  2. What is your staple beauty product?
  3. What time of the day do you blog the most?
  4. First concert you went to?
  5. What is your favourite tv show?
  6. How long have you had your blog for?
  7. Where is your dream holiday?
  8. What is your favourite shop of all time?
  9.  If you could use only 1 make-up item what would it be?   
  10. If you could put anyone on charge of a country for a week ,who would it be?         
Once again a big thanks for Misty's stuff for nominating me! :)
Hope all the nominees will take part in this great award!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sleek I-Divine Au naturel Palette Review and Eye Looks

I have been putting this review off for ages, but I finally decided to get it done the other day. I bought this in Spain. I was so excited to see the sleek stand alone though because, the republic of Ireland doesn't sell any sleek products unfortunately!I thought it looked like the perfect dupe for the UD Naked Palette. Before I tried the palette, I looked through reviews on this, many of them were negative, so honestly I was disappointed and wasn't expecting much from it!
But then when I used it properly, I was pleasantly surprised! Even though the light shadows may not be that well pigmented , the darker ones are brilliant. I admit that I did use an eye primer before putting them on as I knew they would show up better. There are 12 colours in the palette, ranging from light, metallic, shimmer and dark shadows. It cost 10 euros.

and now I want to show ye the swatches with and without eye primer.
The first pic is without eye primer and second pic is with eye primer!

The lighter shades are way more pigmented and I love the shimmers too! So I would definitely put on eye primer before applying the eye shadows! My favourite shades so far are, nougat, taupe, bark and mineral earth!
I did two eye looks one neutral brown and the second a smokey eye.

First I applied eye primer. I used nougat on the brow bone and the inner corner. Toast on the lid, and then blended bark and regal together on the crease to smoke it out a bit.
On the eyebrows I used bark, (which I am now using everyday for my brows!) with an angled brush.
Its a very soft neutral look. Great for everyday


Look 2
 Again I applied eye primer first on the lid,
Nougat on the brow bone and inner corner,
I use taupe and conker on the lid lightly and put conker on the crease, and ended off blending it all with noir on the crease and lid. I lined my lower lash line with noir to create that smokey look