Sunday, 29 December 2013

Real Techniques Stippling Brush VS Expert Face Brush

So today, I'm going to do a post on the Real Techniques Stippling and Expert Face Brush, which are well raved about brushes here on blogger and youtube! 
These are both amazing brushes, and here are my opinions on both!

Stippling Brush

I bought this brush before the expert face brush in boots for 15.99 euros
It is a duo-fibred brush, and the brush bristles itself are very soft on the face! It is a flat topped brush.
This is supposed to give an airbrush look to your face, and I apply this in a 'stippling' and circular motion.

Expert  Face Brush

For Christmas I finally got this brush, which I've been meaning to buy for ages! Santa knew me too well..
This cost 13.99 euros, which is that bit cheaper than the stippling brush
The head to this brush is more round, and again is duo-fibred !
I apply my foundation with this brush in a patted way all over the skin, rather than circular.

  • Price
The stippling brush is 2 euros dearer than the face brush

  • Finish
I honestly think that the face brush gives a way more airbrush look for foundation, rather than the stippling!
I think the Stippling is a small bit streaky on the skin, and you have to blend the foundation in more.
I'm using the stippling brush more now for cream blush or bronzer!

  • Coverage
I need to put more product on for the expert face brush as I think it slightly eats up the product, which is a pain really, but leaves a better result
Whereas for the stippling, it gives very good coverage even for the smallest amount of foundation.

  • Colour
An obvious one , not that it affects the quality of the brush but, the expert face brush has a gold handle , and the stippling has a pink handle!

Here is a picture of me, wearing the Rimmel 25 hour foundation, applied by on the right ,by the stippling brush and on the left by the expert face brush!
I think the left is definitely more airbrushed looking rather than the right!

All in all , I think for me, the expert face brush wins! Its so easy to apply foundation and leaves a gorgeous finish to the skin, and plus its cheaper haha! 
But the stippling brush is equally a good brush for foundation too but it doesn't leave as good a finish. I think the stippling brush is more suited for cream blush and bronzer!

Hope this post was helpful in some way!
Thanks for reading  :)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Hello Everyone! Happy Christmas to ye all, hope ye had a good one. This month has been so busy and crazy for me between exams, being in hospital ,visiting over the holidays and my birthday being yesterday , so I'm really sorry I haven't been posting too much. But now that I'm finally having a lazy day today, this couldn't be a better time to do a post ! :)

Santa was very generous to me this year, and I got a Canon 1100d!! I am so excited, I've wanted one of the 'black cameras' for ages.
As this is my first DSLR camera, this is the perfect beginners DSLR camera!
Although there is still some bits and pieces I'm unsure of, I'm learning something new everyday. The camera came with a 18-55 mm lens. But this also means that the photos on my blog will be much better quality, compared to my phone photos...haha
I'm being way too careful with it though, I'm so paranoid it'll fall or break! It's amazing how much you can actually do with this camera though.
Here are some shots I took the past few days, probably not the best of photos in some peoples view, but I was just messing around! Also the header to this post was also taken with my camera, love the bokeh effect!

I'm so grateful for getting this camera, and I cant wait to use it for the blog! Hope everyones had a great Christmas, and has a good New Year
Thank you so much for following my blog so far! 
Denise :) x

What did you get for Christmas? 
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Friday, 13 December 2013

Essence Justin Beiber 'Beauty Beats' Collection Review

Two weeks ago, I received a package from essence, with the essence Beauty Beats Makeup!
I was so delighted ! I've tried them out and now I wanted to review them for ye. 

1.'Eenie Meenie' Lipgloss

I'm not the biggest wearers of lip glosses as I always associate them with being so sticky and gross, but I was really surprised with this! It's a pale pink colour, and I love the applier with it! My lips honestly didn't feel sticky at all !

2. 'I'm backstage' Lipgloss

Although this lip gloss looks like a light blue colour on camera, It's really a clear lipgloss.
Again, it's not sticky at all! But I think it's a bit too glittery for everyday wear, it would be nice though for a performance on stage or a special occasion!

3.'Groupie at Heart' Blush

This blush is a dark pinky berry colour (worst description ever haha) It's a very pigmented blush, so I applied it very lightly, it doesn't suit my pale skin that well, but it would look stunning on tanned skin!

4. 'I'm Backstage' Eyeshadow

This is a lovely frosted off blue colour. Great for these winter months.
It is very well pigmented, and does last for ages , even without an eye primer, it would also do well as a highlighter for your brow bone. 

5.'SWAAAG' Shimmer Powder

I had been meaning to get a shimmer powder for ages, so essence just sent this on time ;)
Ok I wouldn't be mad about the name to be honest but hey ho that's got nothing to do with the actual powder. This is a well pigmented powder, nicely shimmery, and I apply this to the top's of my cheeks and . Really like this!

6. Purple Hair Bobble
Sorry I have no picture of this, but it is up in the cover photo :)
This bobble is really good for your hair, as is doesn't have a metal band on it like most bobbles do! So damage free! Really wish they sold more of these around the place

Th essence trend edition “beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber”  is for Justin Bieber’s “believe” Tour this year! It is in stores now! The retail price varies from 1-6 euros.
Thank you so much Essence for sending this package to me, I'm so grateful :)
Hope ye enjoyed this post

Thursday, 12 December 2013

November Favourites

Hello everyone :) Long time no blog.. exam time has started again and I've been fairly sick the past few weeks ,so sorry for no posts ! :( Anyways I'm back with my November Favourites ! 

1.Natural Collection Blush 'Pink Cloud'

I'm not much of a blush person, but I recently rediscovered this and I love it! You might not of noticed (silly picture quality) but it's actually a very baby pink colour! If you put this on very lightly, it will give a lovely flushed cheek! 

2.Nivea Dry Confidence Deodorant

This is a bit of a random of favourite, but it just smells so amazing! It's a lovely fresh smell, that lasts for ages, as it says on the tin

3.Essence Colour&Go Nail Varnish 'trendsetter'

Because of the winter months, darker colours are in, so this is my perfect winter colour. It looks a bit drab in picture but it's a really wearable brown! 

4.Kerastase Elixir Ultime- For all Hair Types

At the start I was a bit wary of using this as my hair gets greasy very easily, but I was proved wrong. This hair oil has been raved about so much, and I would so agree with them! After a shower I pump this through my ends twice, and brush it through. There's a lovely coconut smell of it, and the shine off my hair is crazy! I can see after using this several times that my ends are in good condition.

5.Simple Light Moisturiser

Everyone's skin has become dryer during winter, but no, mine has become more oilier?? Trust my skin.. anyways, this moisturiser is perfect for my t-zone and manages the oil balance very well