Thursday, 12 December 2013

November Favourites

Hello everyone :) Long time no blog.. exam time has started again and I've been fairly sick the past few weeks ,so sorry for no posts ! :( Anyways I'm back with my November Favourites ! 

1.Natural Collection Blush 'Pink Cloud'

I'm not much of a blush person, but I recently rediscovered this and I love it! You might not of noticed (silly picture quality) but it's actually a very baby pink colour! If you put this on very lightly, it will give a lovely flushed cheek! 

2.Nivea Dry Confidence Deodorant

This is a bit of a random of favourite, but it just smells so amazing! It's a lovely fresh smell, that lasts for ages, as it says on the tin

3.Essence Colour&Go Nail Varnish 'trendsetter'

Because of the winter months, darker colours are in, so this is my perfect winter colour. It looks a bit drab in picture but it's a really wearable brown! 

4.Kerastase Elixir Ultime- For all Hair Types

At the start I was a bit wary of using this as my hair gets greasy very easily, but I was proved wrong. This hair oil has been raved about so much, and I would so agree with them! After a shower I pump this through my ends twice, and brush it through. There's a lovely coconut smell of it, and the shine off my hair is crazy! I can see after using this several times that my ends are in good condition.

5.Simple Light Moisturiser

Everyone's skin has become dryer during winter, but no, mine has become more oilier?? Trust my skin.. anyways, this moisturiser is perfect for my t-zone and manages the oil balance very well

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