Friday, 13 December 2013

Essence Justin Beiber 'Beauty Beats' Collection Review

Two weeks ago, I received a package from essence, with the essence Beauty Beats Makeup!
I was so delighted ! I've tried them out and now I wanted to review them for ye. 

1.'Eenie Meenie' Lipgloss

I'm not the biggest wearers of lip glosses as I always associate them with being so sticky and gross, but I was really surprised with this! It's a pale pink colour, and I love the applier with it! My lips honestly didn't feel sticky at all !

2. 'I'm backstage' Lipgloss

Although this lip gloss looks like a light blue colour on camera, It's really a clear lipgloss.
Again, it's not sticky at all! But I think it's a bit too glittery for everyday wear, it would be nice though for a performance on stage or a special occasion!

3.'Groupie at Heart' Blush

This blush is a dark pinky berry colour (worst description ever haha) It's a very pigmented blush, so I applied it very lightly, it doesn't suit my pale skin that well, but it would look stunning on tanned skin!

4. 'I'm Backstage' Eyeshadow

This is a lovely frosted off blue colour. Great for these winter months.
It is very well pigmented, and does last for ages , even without an eye primer, it would also do well as a highlighter for your brow bone. 

5.'SWAAAG' Shimmer Powder

I had been meaning to get a shimmer powder for ages, so essence just sent this on time ;)
Ok I wouldn't be mad about the name to be honest but hey ho that's got nothing to do with the actual powder. This is a well pigmented powder, nicely shimmery, and I apply this to the top's of my cheeks and . Really like this!

6. Purple Hair Bobble
Sorry I have no picture of this, but it is up in the cover photo :)
This bobble is really good for your hair, as is doesn't have a metal band on it like most bobbles do! So damage free! Really wish they sold more of these around the place

Th essence trend edition “beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber”  is for Justin Bieber’s “believe” Tour this year! It is in stores now! The retail price varies from 1-6 euros.
Thank you so much Essence for sending this package to me, I'm so grateful :)
Hope ye enjoyed this post

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