Monday, 21 October 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer Review

I have had this concealer for nearly a year at this stage and had used it at most once or twice, but now my collection 2000 concealer has ran out, and I haven't had time to go out and get a new one, I found this again and love it so much!

I have never tried the actual healthy mix foundation but I think I might be converted after using this!
I'm getting really bad breakouts atm (which is extremely annoying) and I have dotted the concealer on the spots and blended with a brush. It covers them really well and is a thick formula.
At first when I saw the consistency was yellow toned I was kinda freaking out, but with good blending, it goes perfect! 
I also put this under my eyes, which is extremely refreshing and gets rid of any dark circles.
As this is a thick formula, it's actually very moisturising, which helps my dry under eye area!
As ye know I'm all about the scent, the smell of this so fruity and sweet! Apparently it is made with fruits??I also love that it is very hygienic, in the way you just squeeze it onto your finger insted of just putting it on straight with a wand (yes I'm a culprit!) But it does the job for me, and I think I may get this concealer instead of the collection 2000! YES its that good!

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  1. I must root this out and start using it again, it's a fab drugstore concealer and I love the foundation big time too!