Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mini Haul

Did a bit of shopping last week, so I said I'd show ye what I bought!

1.Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo 
Basically my hair is so so oily and gets greasy really fast! My hair has been like this for nearly 2 years now! It always felt heavy as if there was a lot of build up in it. I've tried every cleansing shampoo out there, nothing had worked! So finally I came across this gem. Its a clarifying/cleansing shampoo, so it gets rid of any build up in the hair! I am proud to say it actually works :D My hair feels so much lighter and healthier, gets rid of the greasiness and just gives your hair a good cleaning ! The smell of it is also really nice! Well worth the buy!! I bought this in boots for around 4.00 euros!

2.Navy Bird T-shirt
I've actually looked through my wardrobe recently and noticed I have so many navy or blue things :o anywaaays I love this t-shirt, and the bird design on it! Its a nice light summer top which you can wear with anything! And I got it for absolutely nothing in penneys/primark for 3.00 euros

3.Royal Blue Skater Skirt
I've been on the look out for a skater skirt for aages, and after debating between so many, I finally decided on this. Again its such an easy colour to put stuff with, for example, I cant wait for summer to wear this with the t-shirt I just bought and my navy vans! But the skirt is a nice fit, high waisted and flows nicely. Penneys 7.00 euros

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