Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hair Dye Review

So I blogged a post about 'Should I or Shouldn't I' last week! And as you can see I did end up dyeing my hair in the end!
So I used the John Freida Precision Foam Colour in 10B Extra light beige blonde.

I was so scared to use it!I picked up this colour by mistake, and tried to return it but unfortunately I wasn't allowed. I had seen reviews about saying 'oh if you have golden tones in your hair, it would turn out yellow' or else I saw images of really whitey white blonde, which of course I wasn't aiming for at all! My roots were badly needed to be done, so I said I may as well give it a go! I was really impressed by it! The coverage was really good , and although it didn't give me the colour on the box( which was expected) it made my hair much lighter and as my friends quote "fresher looking". My roots were amazingly concealed! 
The box contained a colourant, developer, conditioner(which smells amazing!!) and gloves!
The only thing I'm afraid of is, I still think I have that brassy tone in my hair, and I hate that! I'm not sure though!Comment below!! It's pricey enough for a home dye 15.00 but it is so worth, I would recommend it to a friend, but not so sure about buying it again!

Thanks for reading, hope ye enjoyed :))

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