Saturday, 20 April 2013

What I Bought In Dublin

Okay guys, first of all I just want to say, really sorry for the delay of this post, I've had a lot of trouble trying to edit the pictures and my laptop has been snail slow, so sozz about that :)
So as you can see, I didn't buy a whole lot in the end, but I'm really happy with what I got!

      1.Soap and Glory Hand Maid I bought this in boots. It is a hand sanitiser/ hand cleansing gel! Omg guys the smell off this is so amazing! It'll make you wanna put this on your hands all the time! My hands feel really fresh after and its handbag size friendly too! 3.50 euro

      2.Grey Jumper I bought this in Forever 21. Its a really nice wool material! This jumper is really good for lazy/casual days and it goes with a lot of things which is even better! 15 euros

      3.Revlon Colour Stay Foundation This was another purchase from boots! This is my recent everyday foundation! I changed to the normal/dry skin formula, simply because my skin has changed a lot this year. I just love it, its a complete staple product of mine. I'm not going to go into detail about, as I will do a complete review on it soon! 17.50 euros

     4.Light Wash Skinny Jeans I wanted to update my jeans, and for a change I decided to go with the light wash denim, which was weird because for many years I have hated that type of jeans! These are a good fit but are very tight, and hard to take off, but they look nice on I guess!
This was bought in Bershka for 12.99 euros

  5.Royal Blue Jeans Yes I bought another pair of jeans!! so I went with the spring trends and got these gorgeous Royal blue coloured skinny jeans! I bought them in Forever 21. They're a nice fit and not skin clinging ones, and there actually easy to get off surprisingly enough! Again these can be worn with a lot of other things 21.50 euros

6.Khaki Army Jacket I had been looking for a spring jacket for ages, and could never find the right one, but I found it! Again following the trend of the Army coat inspired, it's a nice material , there are stud embellishments on the shoulders and strings at the waist, that can give the coat a better shape! The coat is a nice weight for the spring and summer! I bought this in penneys/primark 30.00 euros

                              That is it, hope you enjoyed !
                              More blog posts coming up soon slan x

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