Thursday, 20 February 2014

Whats on My Android

Hello everyone! So I have had some serious bloggers block recently , and I eventually decided on this, after watching a load of 'whats on my Iphone' videos on youtube. Now I was debating whether this would be blog worthy or not but I normally find these type of videos interesting, so I somewhat hope you do aswell!
I have a Huawei ascend g510 in black. The amount of phones I have gone through is ridiculous, but I must say without a doubt this has definitely been the  best one I've had .

Anyways here is my homescreen (clearly shows I didn't shoot all these pictures at the same time haha!)         This is my most used screen, so I'm not gonna show ye the other pages, cause those apps are just the boring ones( google maps, music, calculator..) I have 5 folders, Social, Photography, Media, Games, and Useful. The apps that aren't in folders are:                                    
-Clean Master(Tap Boost)- This basically gets rid of any junk on your phone and frees RAM, so if your phone is going slow it cleans it up! Really handy                                                                                  -AppDetox- This app has literally saved me from failing my exams. It does exactly what it says, so you pick the apps you want to 'detox' from and the length of time,all those apps will then be locked so no matter what you do it will not let you get onto them. Say goodbye to procrastination!             
-Wunderlist(the red app with a star)- An app for making to-do lists                                                                                                                                                       

Now onto the folders, first one SocialI dont think this folder needs much explaining!                              Facebook                                                              -Gmail                                                                    Twitter                                                                  -Youtube                                                                Snapchat                                                              -Instagram (follow me @denise_okaay :)            Skype          -Tumblr      -Viber                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
My Photography Folder
-Tags for Likes (easier way on instagram to put up hashtags on your photos)
-#square- This apps just lets you put up a full photo on instagram, without the crop, by putting a white box around it
-Square Instapic-Similar to the last one , you can just move the picture around in the white box
-Instamirror- You can mirror your pictures with this app

 My Media Folder
-Tabs- This is the ultimate guitar app, which you do have to pay for but I think it was only like 1 euro?
Well  worth it for any guitar players, shows lots of chords and tabs for songs!
-Shazam-  A well known music recognition app, put your phone up to a radio and it will find the song for you
-Mp3 Music Download- Download free songs!
-8tracks- Again another well know music streaming app like spotify! Love the variety of playlists on it!
-Netflix- My good ole netflix! For anyone whos been living under a rock, its a movie app/website

 Games Folder
For those times when I'm bored..
-Flappy Bird- Yes, I followed the posse, which was the worst decision ever, because its so addictive, hence why it was deleted off the app store!
-Hay Day- Hahaha this is embarrassing.. it's like farmville , have your own farm and you take care of it, strangely good haha?

Useful Folder
-Ticketmaster Cinema- Irish Cinema Listings!
-Google Translate
-Wiki How 

I know this post was nowhere beauty related, but I hope ye somewhat enjoyed it haha?
Thanks for reading :)

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