Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How I Maintain my Blonde Hair

Hello, from a wet and windy evening! It's been shocking weather in Ireland atm. My hair is blonde as you can see above in the picture, it is not my natural hair colour at all.. I have never got my hair dyed at the hairdressers, I have always used box dye. Because the upkeep of blonde hair is so expensive, here is my little routine to stop brassiness and the dreaded dark roots from appearing (sort of..) 

John Freida Tone Correcting Shampoo
I only really started using a purple shampoo a month ago, and oh wow has it changed my life. My hair had that awful brassiness to it, and it is meant to basically reduce brassiness and make your blonde brighter, so I use this once a week, leave it in my hair for 5 mins.
It also helps with reducing the appearence of my roots, which saves me from dying my hair every month.. Although the purple shampoos are brilliant , they are very damaging and drying,  which is why I only use this once a week!

Pantene Smooth And Sleek Shampoo

The days I'm not using my purple shampoo, I will use this.
This has been a favourite of mine for aages. I think, because the purple shampoo damages my hair, I use this to kind of repair the hair again. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny and really brings out the blonde in my hair

L'oreal Sublime Mousse Conditioner
 I know probably the worst photo ever.. But haha, this is the Conditioner that actually came with my L'oreal Sublime Mousse Dye. It is a fairly intensive conditioner, and I always put this on after either of the shampoos, especially the purple shampoo, as it leaves my hair so dry.
It smells of royal jelly too, and gives amazing shine!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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