Tuesday, 18 March 2014

February Favourites

Hello everyone ! Its finally spring :) annd as per usual I'm very late with my monthly favourites, due to school completely taking over my life, so apologies for the lack of posts!
Right lets get into it,

1.Lacura Hydro-Urea Hand Cream
I honestly didn't think this would end up in my favourites at all for last month! The Aldi beauty brand Lacura, has been getting a lot of raves on their products! Recently my hands got very dry, and I picked this up thinking nothing of it, and I was really surprised, a rich moisturiser, that kept my hands soft for a budget friendly price! 3/4 euros!

2.Suddenly Madame Glamour
Another budget product! This perfume has been compared to Chanel Mademoiselle, and you'll never believe where its from.. Lidl. yes lidl! I absolutely adore this! It really does smell like the Chanel and for such an amazing price! Brilliant dupe.

3.Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder
I have been loving this powder to add a bit of glow to my makeup especially for that 'fresh spring look'
Really well pigmented for essence, and again the price just tops it off

4.Mac Girl About Town Lipstick
For my first MAC lipstick this has been making me buy more! Gorgeous fuchsia pink colour, not completely matte, so I find it wearable during the day, and gives a nice subtle sheen to the lips and aswell as a pop of colour.

A short post, but hope you enjoyed it :)
Also could anyone tell me a website for cheap makeup storage, would be very helpful, thanks !

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  1. Girl about Town is my favorite pink x.