Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June Favourites!

Hello! I can't believe it's July already, its actually crazy ! The weathers actually been really nice here in Ireland for a change, lets hope it stays that way!!
So I just wanted to show ye a few favourites I had over the month of June!

Now this shampoo is a love-hate product for a lot of people. As my hair is dyed, everyone goes on how this strips the colour. But my hairdresser actually told me this shampoo was good for oily hair. At first I was scared to use this, hearing of all the stories, but honestly my hair felt so soft and not dull and heavy like it was! Colour wise of my hair, so many people have been asking me have I dyed my hair again, but no its always after I wash my hair with this, the blond in my hair is more radiant, which is brilliant!
And also I normally hate 2in1 shampoo and conditioners, but this one is well worth the buy for 3 euros

2.Real Techniques Blush Brush
I have only been using this for two weeks, but already I'm in love! Its so soft!! I actually mainly use this for applying bronzer instead of blush! The bronzer/blush/powder is always looks so nice on the skin after using this, love these brushes!

3.No7 Extreme Length Mascara
Again I have only been using this for 2 weeks! I had already owned a mini version of this before and loved it, so I had to repurchase the full size. Without thinking I actually bought it in the brown/black colour, which really annoyed me at the start but it's actually really nice, you wouldn't  notice it! The wand separates the lashes really well, without any clumping and giving a nice natural length to the lashes!
Also love the packaging!

4.Carmex Lip Balm Cherry
I had always used the normal scented one, but for a change I picked up the cherry scented one! It smells so amazing and moisturises my lips great, without chapping! This will always be a staple of mine!

5.Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Had this in my makeup bag for ages and never really used it, but I pulled it out again and I'm actually really impressed by it! Using the real techniques blush brush to apply this bronzer, gives a lovely glowy look to your face!
And its not an orangey colour either!

6.Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Medium Glow
This month I have been going out a lot, and this has been so so handy and quick to put on my legs and arms! Great coverage and a nice even tan!
Although I wouldn't be a fan about the smell but it does what it says on the tin!

7.'That Gal' Benefit Brightening Primer
Got this mini primer in a xmas kit benefit had.
I didn't really use it much in the winter and spring months, but now that I've been trying to achieve a glowy look, this is great under your foundation and really does brighten your complexion! It is a pink liquid and smell likes raspberries!

  8.Soap and Glory's ' The Scrub of Your Life'
And finally my last favourite. For the tanning routine, you have to exfoliate your body before applying the tan! Literally when I scrubbed this into my arms, afterwards it felt like my arm had been resurfaced it was so so soft !! And to make things better this smells so amazing and sweet, as do all other soap and glory products!


  1. I have the blush brush, only have it a few weeks too, I absolutely love it! xxx

  2. yeah its brilliant , so good ! :) xx