Saturday, 14 September 2013

August Favourites

Hello! Long time no blog... just a little update, basically I've gone back to school and am in my second last year, which has been really busy lately and no doubt will continue, so that has been the reason for my lack of blogging! I'm gonna try and schedule more posts for the future! :)
Anyways this is my belated August Favourites, don't have as many for this month as I haven't used much new things!

1.Catrice Double Ended Eye Brush
I had been eyeing this for ages, and I'm so happy I got it,wow. One side is angled and the other is a dome type brush. I use the angled for my eyebrows, and lining and the dome side for blending ! Love this so much and the fact it was only 3 euros made it even better!!

2.John Freida Conditioner
From dyeing my hair so much, I have countless amount of conditioners left over from the boxes.
I wouldn't be a big conditioner user, but this is so so gorgeous on the hair. It smells amazing, and my hair felt so silky afterwards! Also good for colour protecting. You can get this conditioner separately too!

3.St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish Fighting
I hadn't exfoliated my face in months, because I felt it left my skin really dry and flaky, but one day I felt that my face needed a bit of resurfacing, so I used this! I have found my love for it again! Although the beads are fairly aggressive, it does the job! My skin felt so soft after, and my spots disappeared within a few days!

I have always been terrible for drinking water, and when I was younger I had very bad exczema and I was always told to drink more water, but I never listened. So one day I saw Zoella tweeted about an app called Idrate, which basically is every time you drink water you put the amount you drank and it would calculate up to your daily goal! Idrate is only available for Apple, but on the android play store, I got this app called Carbodroid, which is exactly the same app! Everyday my goal was to drink 2L, and I have been reaching it! I have really noticed a positive difference in my skin, and how I've been feeling ! Carbodroid really helped me, love that app!

5.Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss
They came to Ireland in August, and have been a blessing! I got the colour peach kiss. The smell of it is amazing, and the fact they literally leave my lips like baby lips! I have been reapplying this so much! This colour is very neutral. Definitely getting another shade soon!
6.Natural Hair Acabado Leave in Conditioner
In August I felt my hair was really damaged after going into the sea a lot through out summer, I had this spray conditioner for ages and had never used it much. So one day after I got out of the sea, I sprayed this on my ends and brush it through! It contains brazil nut and keratin, which are brilliant for the hair! I think you can only get this in salons( I won it in a raffle!!)

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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